When I was asked to run ceramics classes at Pottery Ceramic Services (PCS), I wondered, “Why me?” Then I thought of all the years when various members of the PCS family had called in where I ran a pottery department, how they’d rescued me at home when my kiln broke down at a crucial moment, and the endless discussions we’d had about ceramics and the world. I realised then that we knew, liked and respected each other enough to feel happy to work together.

I love both ceramics and teaching, showing others the joy of transforming a lump of clay into a piece they’d imagined.

Carved tiles, top left, finished, top right painted but not yet glazed, bottom carved but not yet coloured.

I’ve taught evening classes, run courses, demonstrated for people of all ages and degrees of expertise. Part of my pleasure has been the range of interests and experiences students bring. Some will have followed a creative path, while others may never have had that opportunity. They may come feeling a little apprehensive. It’s rewarding to see them relax as they discover or develop a talent, often finding things are nowhere near as daunting as they’d thought.


Seeing a kiln unpacked, and examining the results of your endeavours is a great moment. Not that everything turns out perfect, or just as you’d envisaged. Sometimes it’s better, and if it’s not done as you wished, we work out why, so it’s a learning curve towards the next piece.


For many years I ran a pottery department for adults with learning difficulties. I’d not done that before, and wondered how it would work out. I needn’t have worried. Over the years the students who joined me gained many skills. I learned from them too, as they produced original and frequently beautiful pieces, sometimes for friends and family, sometimes for sale. They were justifiably proud when people admired their work, buying it with enthusiasm, sometimes for high sums. Some of that work is shown here, especially the garden pieces, along with a little of my own.


If there is a demand, we’ll run classes on Sundays, to enable those with weekday commitments to join us, so if you’re tempted but can’t manage weekdays, get in touch.